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Numerically Controlled (NC) Shears: The ModelMSC

Motor Driven plate shear.

Cutting capacity of a maximum of 3.0mm sheet thickness in relation to a 3100mm working length.

Cutting bars start the process using the Foot Switch.

The Machine Frame is a computer optimized steel design and the Cutting Bar is powered by crank drive and a noiseless gear motor on each side of the machine.

Sheet Support Covers made of stainless steel with a snap lock system.

Sheet support covers there are adjustable front support arms with T-slots, 1000mm scales and gauge fingers for Easy Front Gauging.

On each side of the cutting table there are rectangular gauges with stainless steel scales of 1000mm.

A mechanical hold-down bar with non-skid ebonite lining holds the part.

A sheet support behind the machine returns the part to the front and delivers it to an integrated sheet catching device.

All bearings and guide ways are Maintenance free.

An easy blade gap adjustment on both side stands comes standard with the Model MSC. The upper and lower blades consist of high-quality steel with two edges.

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