Metal Forming Tech SA


- A wide range of products for the needs of all our customers
- CNC single station and multitool and index Nibbling - Punching machines for sheet metals
- Hydraulic Notching Machines with variable and fixed angle - CNC and Punching-head models
- Horizontal hydraulic Bending Presses for Bending, Cutting, Punching and Straightening for sheet metals and profiles
- Hydraulic Bending machines for Bending profiles, bars and tubes
- Beveling Machines for sheet metals
- Special equipment and tooling for any kind of work

Punching Nibbling Machine  

Punching Nibbling

The sturdy C-structure made of special electro welded and stabilised steel, with dimensions calculated on CAD with FEA systems, suitably shaped to withstand loads greater than all off-sets. More about Punching Nibbling Machinery...

Bending Press Machine  

Bending Press

The bending presses are known for their flexibility and versatility.
More about Bending Press Machinery...
Fixed Angle Notching Machine  

Fixed Angle Notching

This machine has been designed with a system regulating blades by means of an electronic control integrated to the machine. More about Fixed Angle Notching Machinery...

Variable Angle Notching Machine  

Variable Angle

The AV180° series is the only machine on the market with a cutting capacity of up to 180 degrees without moving the sheet metal from one angle to the other. More about Variable Angle Notching Machinery...

Multi Notching Machine  

Multi Notching

The fixed angle notching machine is prearranged for the mounting of the punch head.
More about Multi Notching Machinery...

Bending Machine  


This series consists of one model, the CE2 with two driving rolls with a knurled surface. More About Bending Machinery...

Bevelling Machine  


The bevelling machines are robust, compact and easy to transport suited to the bevelling of iron and stainless steel. More about Bevelling Machinery...


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