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These Rollforming Machines make various flashing products using coil to produce a finished product. These machines include a decoiler, a rollformer and the required cut off to cut the product to length. The advantage of rollforming flashings is that one is not restricted to any length requirements. These machines manufacture a quality finished product with less fuss and less labour. No marking of material is required and material does not have to be pre cut to form or bend into the required shape. These machines can also be supplied with plastic suspensors, should it be required to apply plastic to the finished product. 

Sidewall Flashing:
Sidewall flashings used to waterproof the sheet which ends or goes along a parapet or other walls. It is used in conjunction with steel or a membrane-type counter flashing. 

Headwall Flashing:
This is used in conjunction with a steel or membrane type counter flashing and is used to waterproof the top end of the sheet where it butts with a parapet or headwall.

Counter Flashing:
Used in conjunction with head and sidewall flashing, it is partially settled into the wall to complete the waterproofing process.

Soaker Flashing:
When a roof penetration is close to a ridge capping, or flashing above the penetration, you can fit a simple flat tray on top of the roofing so that it extends from under the capping down to a sleeve around the penetration.

Valley Flashing:
This is used as a channel between two adjoining roof planes.

Broad Flute Closers:
This is used, when installed below flashings such as ridge or headwall, to bird proof and dustproof a roof.

Narrow Flute Closers:
These are fitted below the ends of roof sheets at the gutter ends in order to bird proof and dust proof a roof.


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