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Metalforming Technology SA supplies a range of manufacturing lines for Cut-to-Length and Slitting,  designed and built for heavy duty use.

The construction materials and components used are selected keeping in mind reliability and the long life span of each individual machine on the line.


Coil Processing

Coil Processing machines are used just as coil slitters, or just as cutting shears, but many metal fabrication machines can do both.  More about  Coil Processing...

Forstner Coil Processing  

Forstner Coil Processing

Forstner has been developing and manufacturing machines for the professional processing of coils since 1962. More about Forstner Coil Processing...

Slitting Line  


The Slitting Line Machine is used to break down master coils into smaller coils of a certain width. More about Slitting Lines...

Blanking Line  

Blanking Line

Blanking Line machines are used to produce tight tolerence blanks for manually fed or robotic fed downstream operations. More about Blanking Lines...

Cut to Length  

Cut to Length

The Cutting and Slitting machines are specially made for cut slit steel sheet. More about Cut to Length Machines...





CIDAN Cut to Length, Slitting and Blanking Lines

Coil processing and slitting lines.

More about Cidan Cut to Lenth, Slitting and Blanking Lines...


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