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 Some of our Rollforming Machines and Software

Eclipse with Metalforming Tech SA  

Eclipse Machine Management Software

Most manufacturers are already familiar with the concept of integration within the office environment, and Eclipse extends this idea to the factory floor.

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AMS Controls Pathfinder  

AMS Controls: Pathfinder

Pathfinder gives your controls even better responsiveness and speed while improving automatic bend sequencing and the user experience.

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Made to measure, according to your specific needs.

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Purlin Rollforming Machine  

Purlin C and Z and Lipped Angle
C and Z purlins are used anywhere that strong, reliable steel framing is required, for example; industrial buildings, garages, verandahs, and carports.
More about Purlin C and Z and Lipped Angle Machinery...

Doorframing Rollforming Machine  

Door and Window Framing Rollforming Machine
These Rollforming machines are used to produce strong and durable steel window and door frames. More about Door and Window Framing Machinery...


Guard Rail Rollforming Machine


Guard Rail Rollforming Machine
Our Guardrail Rollforming machines are used to produce a wide range of highway products, including steel guardrails and signposts.
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Stud and Track Rollforming Machine


Stud and Track Rollforming Machine
Our Steel Stud and Track Rollforming lines are from leading manufacturer Samco, who has a proven track record so strong that 100% of the world’s largest steel stud producers use Samco rollforming equipment.
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Decoiler Rollforming Machine  

Decoilers Rollforming Machine
We supply a variety of Decoilers, from manual decoilers to fully automated hydraulic multi headed decoilers.
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Duplex Rollformers
The Duplex Rollforming machines are from one of our leading manufacturers, Samco.
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Universal Mills
These versatile mills from leading manufacturer, Samco, offer flexible ranges.
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  Toggle Mills
The Toggle Mills from Samco are the workhorse of the custom rollforming industry.
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  Gear Mills
These robust mills from Samco provide high tolerance rollforming capabilities.
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Thru-Shaft Duplex Mills
Thru-shaft Duplex Mills are rapid change rollformers from Samco.
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  Workhorse Mills
The Workhorse Mills maintain the Samco quality without all the bells and whistles.
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Cassetted Mills

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