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The Model UK

Manual operated bending machine with a capacity of a maximum of 1.5mm sheet thickness in relation to 1000mm of working length, or 1.0mm sheet thickness in relation to 2000mm of working length for Model UKV.

The difference between the UK series and the UKV series is the stronger upper, bending and lower beam elements.

Model UKV covers a larger range of applications from up to 2000mm working length and up to 2.0mm thicknesses.

The remarkable thing about the two models is the segmented toolings at all three bar elements; the upper beam, lower beam and bending beam.

It is possible to bend parts at all 4 sides and produce even complex box shapes.

The segments go from 30mm to 100mm, or even 200mm on Model UKV.

With the Snap-On system, all segments at the upper, lower and bending beams are fixed to a support rail by our patented quick clamping system.

The segments can be changed and combined quickly without using any additional screws and tools. Single segments can be removed from the support rail to get space for preformed flanges.

Working with a part on all four sides, without using any additional inserts or damaging already formed flanges.

The segmented tooling system gives you all the opportunities.

All UK/UKV models have a standard foot pedal for closing the upper beam, therefore you are much faster in positioning your part and the accuracy of your product is significantly higher.

A detachable toolbox behind the machine serves both as a storage for segments and as a sheet.






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