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 IBR Machine    


The IBR machine is designed for use as side cladding or roofing material in commercial, industrial and residential buildings.
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Corrugated Rollforming Machine


Corrugated Rollforming Machine
Corrugated sheeting is the most commonly used roofing because of its easy handling, fixing properties and related strength.
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Concealed Rollforming Machine  

Concealed Rollforming Machine
Concealed Fixing is a method where the roofing sheets are fixed to the purlins with a clip system.
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Wide Deck Rollforming Machine  

Wide Deck Rollforming Machine
A Wide Deck Machine is similar to the IBR profiled sheeting.
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Combi Roofing Rollforming Machine  

Double Layer Rollforming Machine
The Double Decker Rollformer makes two different profiles on the same machine, which shares the same decoiler, drive trains and motors, but using different rolls and different cut offs.
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Step Tile Rollforming Machine  

Step Tile Rollforming Machine
A decoiler, feeding system, rollforming unit, hydraulic post-cutting, hydraulic station, PLC controller and a run out table make up this machine.
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Cranking Rollforming Machinery  

Cranking Rollforming Machine
Cranking of a profiled sheet incorporates lateral rib indentations pressed in at an uniform distance of 25mm.
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 Rolltop Ridge Cap Machine  

Rolltop and Ridge Cap Machine
Made up of a hydraulic decoiler with a breaking device, rollformer with tooling, hydraulic cut-off machine, hydraulic pressing device and a run out table.
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Cut to Length Line Machine


Cut to Length Line

The Cutting and Slitting machine is made for cutting and slitting steel sheets.
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Insulated Panels
The PU Sandwich Panel Line is multi-functional machine used in the roofing industry.
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