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KRASSER offers the Automated CENTURIO Coil Warehouse.

coil warehouse

The number of coil-storage places of our automated coil handling and coil warehousing system is freely selectable in accordance with your demand.

If more than 25 coil-storage places are required we recommend to use a second coil-storage-shuttle manipulator in order to fulfill the cutting orders in time.

The coil-manipulator is equipped with a weight recognition system and the actual weight of every coil will be stored at the material database during every coil manipulation.

With this source of information you always have access to your total available material stock on hand and the advantage of perfect customer order and material reorder coordination.


coil warehouseEvery coil will be equipped with our special coil-axle and our patented coil-clamping-bar before the coil will be lifted into the coil-warehouse.

Coils inside the warehouse are well protected against any damage and during the process the material will be treated completely scratch-free.

Your coils inside the warehouse will be processed scrap free until they are empty and this makes your operation more efficient and profitable.

coil warehousing

The line is surrounded by a protective steel mesh guard in the area of the fully automated coil-warehouse.

Service doors are equipped with safety sensors.

The Advantages

- Fully automated coil change-over

- Minimum scrap rate

- External recoiling possibility

- Remaining coil weight recognition

- Surface protected handling

- Time-saving solution

coil warehouse

- Fully automated slitting roll positioning

- PLC controlled process

- Storage optional expandable


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