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Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Shears: ModelMax

Motor driven bending machine known for its power, speed, operating comfort and flexibility.

The machine has a capacity of a maximum of 1.5mm, related to 3100mm of working length.

The speeds of the machine are impressive, with the bending beam speed at 80 degrees per second and the opening of the upper beam with 50mm per second.

The upper beam opens while the bending beam moves down so the part can be positioned for the next step.

The combination of the SCHECHTL CNC Touch Control, the motor-operated back gauge and the movable foot switch provides a bending system for "one-man-operation" even for sheets up to 3100mm.

The sheet is taken through the upper and under beam and then clamped perpendicular with the controlled closing of the upper beam. Accuracy is then preserved because the piece doesn’t slide forward when being clamped.

The upper beam clamping pressure can be adjusted on each side of the machine separately; the upper beam can also be opened to around 140mm.

The ModelMax comes with a sharp rail and profile rail of 20 degrees, R=2mm for the upper beam and one of each insert rail 68/10 and 68/24 for the bending beam.

All of the bending rails are exchangeable and the bending beam can be adjusted to different sheet thicknesses and radii in seconds.
The motor operated back gauge of the machine has 12 safety stop fingers.

The bending and upper beams are both easily adjustable.

The bearings and guide ways require no maintenance, the machine also boasts a movable foot switch and electric driven upper beam. The upper, bending and lower beam all have welded steel design.

The machine contains Moeller control elements, SEW motors as well as the CNC-Touch-Control with frequency inverter.

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