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 We Provide a Wide Range of Folding Machines

Some of the folding machines we provide are listed below. For more options, click on the links below or the navigation options on your right.


CNC Folder Machine

CNC Folder

ModelMax is a motor driven bending machine known for its power, speed, operating comfort and flexibility. More about CNC Folder Machinery...

 NC Shears Machine

NC Shears

The ModelMSC is a motor Driven plate shear. More about NC Shears Machinery...

Auto Folder Machine

Auto Folder

The ModelMAB is a motor driven with a bending ability of a maximum of 2.0mm in relation to a 3100mm working length. More about Auto Folder Machinery...

Auto Shears

The ModelMSC is a motor driven plate shear. More about Auto Shears Machinery...

Manual Folder Machine

Manual Folder

The ModelUK is a manual operated bending machine with a capacity of a maximum of 1.5mm sheet thickness in relation to 1000mm of working length, or 1.0mm sheet thickness in relation to 2000mm of working length for Model UKV. More about Manual Folder Machinery...

Manual Shears Machine

Manual Shears

The ModelHT machine is a manual operated plate shear with a cutting capacity of up to 1.25mm steel, in relation to 2040mm of working length. More about Manual Shears Machinery...


Box and Pan Folder

The Box and Pan Folder machines made out of solid, all steel construction. More about Box and Pan Folder Machinery...



 Flashing Machinery


Flashings Machines are Rollforming Machines that make various flashing products using coil to produce a finished product. More about Flashings Machinery...


We have supplied numerous shears and bending machines for sheet metal working. These machines are a synonym for precision and quality.

Their application is roofing, plumbing, heating and ventilation, as well as all other industrial branches in which steel, stainless steel and aluminium sheets have to be processed.

So what is the difference between bending machines and press brake?

Press brake: The sheet is pressed into a prism by a vertically tool ("sword").

Bending machine: The sheet is clamped between two claming bars - the so called upper and lower beam. The process of bending is done by a bending beam, which swings upwards and bends the part to a desired angle.

This fundamental difference in design gives folding technology the essential advantage to press brakes:

1. Precision:
During the whole process the sheet is fixed between upper and lower beam. The part cannot move during the process and the accuracy of the final parts is significantly higher.

2. Protection of material surface:

On a press the part is squeezed into a prism. Hereby sensitive surfaces can be damaged. Folding forms the part around a folding tool when the folding beam swings up. There is no moving between part and machine elements during the process.

3. Less tooling costs and higher flexibility:
Many profile in the roofing and cladding branch have open or closed hems which are very hard to do on press brakes or only with expensive special tools and additional down times for machine set-up. With a folding machine, you can do almost all day-in-day-out profiles with standard tools - no expensive special tools or down times!

4. Easy handling:

Sheet metal working often gives the situation where big parts or even complete sheets have to be bend only with small flanges sometimes on each side of the part. At a press brake there is always the whole part moving. Big and heavy parts need a lot of physical power to support the bending process. Folding only moves the small flange in front of the machine. The major part of the sheet rests on the back gauge and does not have to be supported manually.


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