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Inverted Box Rib (IBR)  is widely used in the roofing industry and a common product used in roofing applications from industrial, commercial to residential applications. 

IBR has a covering width of 686mm. It has become a household name in the South African building industry. The IBR’s deep, broad flute design offers first-rate drainage abilities with ideal weight versus load/span characteristics.  IBR can be factory Cranked, Curved and Bullnosed to various radii depending on customer's requirements.

Because of price pressure of the material used to manufacture, this product is getting thinner and harder requiring these IBR Rollforming machines to be specially designed to produce and ensure a good quality finished product. It can also be noted that the machines are often required to run 915mm material as well or even 1225mm wide coil. 

How many times have we have heard, “Cannot get this material to Rollform through my machine”, or “Can we speed up this machine?” We have the solutions in our designs.



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