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Cranking of a profiled sheet incorporates lateral rib indentations pressed in at an uniform distance of 25mm.

Standard crankings are made with the narrow flute uppermost and that bend away from the angular inclination.

Reverse crankings are made with the bend into the narrow flute. Cranking of a sheet can be at the end of a sheet or at any position along the length.

Cranking radii ranging from 350mm to 800mm for cranking which are bent through 0 - 135 degrees, larger radii will be classified as a curve.

The maximum sheet length which can be cranked  is 15m, with a maximum height of 2m. The minimum runout from the cranking is 30mm on one side with a minimum of 500mm on the other side of the sheet.

It is important to clearly identify the critical end of the cranking in order to ensure that consistent lengths are supplied to the customer.

The maximum height of centre and off-centre cranks which can be manufactured is 2m with a limitation of 10m total sheet length. These limitations are due to handling and transport limitations.

High tensile material can only be cranked to a minimum radius of 450mm.



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