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Index punching nibbling machine with patented front punch loading

Sturdy C-structure made of special electro welded and stabilised steel, with dimensions calculated on CAD with FEA systems, suitably shaped to withstand loads greater than all off-sets and punching stresses

C-Axis (INDEX) with 360 degree rotation of all punches and dies by means of reduction gear units and oil-lubricated worm screws with the highest precision and zero backlash.

This system guarantees an absolute mechanical rigidity of positioning with no movements or rotation during whatever process is being performed, and a perfect alignment of punch and die with all kinds of materials and thickness.

Extra-large monolithic punching head firmly plated onto the rigid C-structure of the machine and special hydraulic unit, properly oversized to run at low pressures so as to avoid dangerous oil over-heating and integrated with a “Save Power” system.

Fast Tool Change “frontal” to the machine guaranteeing maximum precision and long life to the punches and the Multitool Amada®, as well as continuous optimization in their loading times at only four seconds.

The Hydro Speed system – 800 hits per minute is an option.

High level of accuracy in working processes like punching, nibbling, embossing, marking etc., even in offsets and on sheet metal up to 5/6mm thick.

Automatic atomization/lubrication system guaranteeing high-quality processing and simultaneous protection of punch and die by reducing the friction of material between punch and die.

Axes guided by double linear guides with double high precision ball screws. Only this exclusive application on our punching machines prevents any deflections of the X-axis and guarantees constant precision on heavy and large sheet-metals even having considerable off-sets.

Two hydraulic locking clamps to lock sheet metal, which can be operated by either a electric foot pedal or by CNC and double safety system to prevent from clamps impact. This system safeguards the machine during wrong operations.

Industrial-type CNC with anti-glare colour LCD-TFT 264mm located on a mobile control unit that can be moved outside working area.
User-friendly programming software with toolbar icons Editor, personalised management of 10 multi-tools MT4-MT6-MT8 (4, 6 or 8 tools each one) with tool change and punch-travel adjustment controlled directly by CNC.


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