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The bending presses are distinguished by their flexibility and versatility.

User-friendly and easy to maintain, the Simasv presses can be fitted with countless tools, making them suitable for use within any firm, mechanical or any other nature.

Even in medium-sized industries, they are a valid alternative when machinery for large-scale production must necessarily make way for machinery with lower production costs.

Bending presses > T40 DIGIT 2 AXIS

The programming of digitally controlled models is simple, functional and ensured via the electronic SlMplylogik type CN which allows the operator to programme different work procedures without re-processing the piece. The numerical control is composed as follows:
- Displaying on a high luminescence and resolution LCD screen of all working functions with 16x2 led characters
-Touch-screen keyboard, complete with 35 keys,,16x2 led characters, full view of both axes "X" (axis stroke – punch) and "Y" (axis stroke side gauge positioner)
- Memory of 550 programs in "X" axis and "Y" axis, each of the 2 axis’ has a program with 15 different lines – that can be repeated 999 times
- Bending  function: (with die + punch) programming in degrees of the bending angle directly from CN, data setting punch and die material thickness - possibility of setting and adjusting back elastic coefficient to every different angle
-Tub bending function: programming in degrees of the bending angle directly from the CN with the possibility of setting coefficient adjustment elastic-return
-5 language options
-Measurement conversion millimetres / inches
-Programs selector: manual, semi-automatic, automatic
-Positioning accuracy: ± 0.1mm
-Stroke speed adjustment via flow adjustment valve automatic control from CN
-USB port for downloading programs on an external memory stick for saving and/or input data (optional)

Bending presses > T40 Super

All models have a generous working surface for carrying out a wide variety of operations.

Another characteristic is the micrometric stroke adjustment controlled by a hydraulic valve, this allows the continuous adjustment of the punch operating stroke and the highest degree of precision to obtain the desired bending angle.

The T40 model, including the digital version, is fitted with fixing pins in a conical form for perfect adherence to the workbench and to completely eliminate mechanical slack; they can be locked and unlocked with great ease using the special key.

The whole series features a workbench in welded and stabilised steel, suitably shaped and dimensioned to operate with loads double those characteristic of the machine to avoid deformation.

The alloyed steel carriage runs on oversize guides, tempered and ground, fitted with lubrication channels and special dust scraper.

Lubrication plays a fundamental role and all models are therefore equipped with a manual lubrication pump for the distribution of the lubricant to all vital points of the machine.

In models weighing over 40 tons, lubrication is carried out via an automatic pump with an electrical device indicating the oil level.

The oil-hydraulic cylinder has been designed for average pressures such as to ensure the maximum balance between machine performance and lifespan of the most sensitive machine parts.

The whole system is controlled by a hydraulic power unit consisting of a tank suitably sized to avoid damaging overheating of the oil and is fitted with measuring, regulation and hydraulic flow control instruments.


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