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Eclipse Production Management Software

Most manufacturers are already familiar with the concept of integration within the office environment, and Eclipse extends this idea to the factory floor.

One of the primary benefits of integrated manufacturing is the elimination of mistakes. Machine operators are no longer required to keypunch or manually record information. The system ensures that the correct profile, material, length, quantity, punching pattern, part labeling, etc. are delivered to your customer when promised. 

In addition to mistake-proofing, Eclipse's integration features can also significantly increase production capacity through the elimination of down-time due to data entry. Information about down-time and scrap can also be used to guide operator training, capital expenditures, and continuous improvement programs.

The features offered by Eclipse and integrated manufacturing provide your company with the best possible production efficiency and a clear competitive advantage.

Main Features

  •   Download production schedule
  •   Manage part specifications
  •   Track job completions
  •   Track coil usage
  •   Enforce material selection
  •   Track operator performance
  •   Record scrap amounts and causes
  •   OEE reporting
  •   Coordinate related machinery
  •   Integration with ERP systems

System Information

  •   Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista
  •   Site license + concurrent user licenses
  •   Communication with 30 or more machines in one location
  •   Multilingual support

Schedule Orders

  •   Quickly and easily set production schedules.
  •   Sort orders to minimize tooling changes and coil changes.
  •   Distribute orders between machines for balanced production.

Download Orders Directly to Machine Controls

  •   Eliminate errors as orders are automatically and accurately entered into the machine for production.
  •   Increase production capacity by as much as 40%.
  •   Eliminate delays caused by operators entering data manually.
  •   Quickly identify problems at any machine.

Monitor Real-Time Production Status 

  •   Know what order is currently being run.
  •   Easily trace any order to determine its status.
  •   Quickly and easily change priorities.

Analyze Productivity 

  •   True OEE performance monitoring per machine.
  •   Pareto analysis of down-time and scrap.
  •   Compare machine, shift and operator performance.
  •   Use down-time and scrap measurements to justify capital spending.
  •   Support continuous improvement projects.
  •   All data is automatically collected by the machine controllers.

Coil Inventory

  •   Keep track of each coil in your inventory, and adjust remaining material total as coils are used.
  •   Record scrap for each coil and categorize it by type of defect.
  •   Coil validation feature ensures that the correct coil is used for every job.
  •   Track which coils were used on each job.

Data Integration 

  •   Automatic and real-time data transfer between Eclipse and any ERP system.
  •   Transfer orders, punching patterns, part profiles, and coil data to Eclipse.
  •   Order completions, coil consumption, run-time, down-time, scrap and other information uploaded as frequently as desired.
  •   Data transfer via SQL (ODBC), XML files or ASCII files.
  •   Part data (punch patterns & profiles) can be extracted from Autocad DXF files.

Policy Enforcement

  •   Require quality audits based on time, part count, meters, coil changes, etc.
  •   Audits are completely customer-defined.
  •   Audit data is reported along with context information (operator, job, coil, etc.)
  •   Preventative maintenance schedules per machine also based on time, part count, meters, press hits, etc.
  •   Wear and usage data tracked for all machinery elements of interest.

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