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Pathfinder Folding Machine Controls

Pathfinder™ is the world's easiest-to-use graphic controller for folding machines. It is the result of years of development by AMS Controls and is intended for both retrofit and new machine applications.

With the latest release your folding machine can do even more than before. Pathfinder gives your controls even better responsiveness and speed while improving automatic bend sequencing and the user experience.

Pathfinder Features:

  •    Enhanced SmartPath™ Automatic Sequencing

    Automatic sequencing is now faster and provides even better solutions than before. Users can customize how SmartPath works to ensure ideal bend sequences, like preferring outside hems first or avoiding flips or rotates. Partial bends are also available, creating even better solutions than in previous versions.
  •    Profile Sketching

    Create new profiles by touching the screen to create vertices and segments. Intuitive "sketching" allows you to orient profiles in any direction, making them just like you would make a written sketch. Available in version 2.01.03 and later.
  •    One-Step Production

    Regular, high-volume production can be done even faster by using One-Step Mode. Make quick, individual bends without creating profiles or jobs.
  •    Increased Performance

    Pathfinder is now faster and more responsive, making profile creation even more efficient.
  •    Hard Steel Solutions

    With the addition of parameters for double hem closes and extra bends on inside hems for hard steel profiles, users can finally take advantage of the graphical programming features that Pathfinder offers.
  •    More Supported Folding Machines

    The list of folding machines supported by Pathfinder continues to grow. Please contact us to see if Pathfinder is compatible with a specific folding machine.
  •    Simplified User Interface

    Pathfinder’s enhanced user interface makes it even easier to create, edit and search for profiles. Find and organize parts by category and sub-category or search by name.
  •    Automatic Springback Compensation*

    This feature measures the actual angle produced after springback and automatically corrects the bend. It can be configured to learn the springback on all angles for the first part and use those values for other parts. *Automatic springback compensation is not available on all systems.