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8900 Cleatformer
This machine is designed for the high speed production of “S” cleats plus a number of other choices of profiles available for mounting on the auxiliary shafts. The production of these shapes are at a speed of 22 860mm per minute.
You get nine forming stations for total control of part shape and accuracy, plus the same heavy duty gear construction as the Pittsburgh Lock Models 16 and 18. With heavy duty production roller, race cage bearings throughout transmission and reduction gearing.

C and S Cleatformer
This machine includes reinforced “S” and drive cleats plus two optional auxiliary sheet edge operations. Combination “S” and drive cleat scrap cutter attachment is also available.
Every eight station C and S Cleatformer incorporates Lockformer’s tri-plate construction and reinforced flat “S” cleat. The inboard “S” and drive cleat roll sets are furnished as standard between plate housings. Extended shafts on both sides of the machine are able to accommodate many other sheet edge operations, including the 20 gauge Pittsburgh Lock and Button Punch Snap Lock.
The machine structure provides two inboard forming positions supported between side plates. This bearing support on both sides of the profile controls deflection encountered when heavy gauge material or unusually complex shapes.

Cross-Over System
With the method of “in-line production”, you can eliminate turning a sheet metal blank around and the need to bring long duct sections around the machine to form the second profile.

Drive Turn Hemming
The indexer is the first roll and has four pins and two milled ridges. The control lever determines whether the blank is hemmed after the first or second notch. With the lever in position one, as the blank engages the indexing roll, a pin drops into the first notch. A ridge adjacent to the pin prebends the material at its corner, just enough to force the material into the hem, forming rolls where the 180 degree hem is formed. The next pin, on the rotating index roll, drops into the second notch and since there is no ridge present, the corner of the blank is not turned down and misses the hemming rolls and this section remains unformed.

Standard “S” Cleat
In just one pass, form a shape that combines a conventional “S” cleat with a standing seam for greater strength and rigidity. This seam is adaptable in fabrication of large trunk or branch lines in industrial and commercial heating and ventilating units. Double extended auxiliary shafts for a variety of choices for optional rollform tooling is included.


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