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The canning cell can be configured with manual or automated stations for assembling the substrate and mat material for the catalytic converter.

Mat and Substrate Inspection Station:

- Weigh and Measure Gap Bulk Density (GBD).

- Adaptive Gap Control (patented).

Substrate Wrapping Station: Wraps the mat around the substrate.

Insertion Station: Inserts single or multiple substrate / mat assemblies into the shell to the specified axial position.

Sizing Station: Reduces the shell circumference to the target diameter. Two options are possible:

- Shrinking by use of a Barrel Sizer.

- Sizing by use of a Rotary Sizer (patented).

Marking Station:  This station will mark the catalytic converter by laser engraving or label with part number and other relevant data.

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Commercial Vehicle Canning Cell.

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