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The five axis Evolution 3D cutting system operates automatically by maintaining a constant distance from the nozzle to the material, even during rotation and interpolation up to 69 degrees, optional 90 degrees.

This is also possible by a 3D program to interpolate all the axes simultaneously.

Technical Specification

  •     Innovative Design manufactured by a full machined Aluminium Box
  •     Infinite Rotation of the C-Axis (+/-360 degrees)
  •     Inclination +/- 90 degrees of the A-axis
  •     Innovative 4 Multi Swivel System (PATENT)
  •     High Pressure Water
  •     Air
  •     Abrasive
  •     Electrical
  •     High Rigidity & Tolerance
  •     RTCP CNC Control
  •     All 5-Axis Brushless Motors
  •     Optical Encoder for A and C axis
  •     High Pressure water through the Center
  •     I.T.C.™ (Intelligent Tapering Control™) system by software



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