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Some products require complex shapes or sharp contours.

Shallow contours can be obtained by expanding or shrinking alone.

To obtain those more complex shapes or sharp contours, MetalformingTechSA provides machines designed to force the metal to flow in certain directions.

Fontijne Grotnes has three general solutions in case sharp contours and complex shapes are required:
• Expander with collapsible outer die
• Shrinker with collapsible inner die
• Expander/ Shrinker combination

Hot Expander
Some exotic alloys only have a small difference between their tensile strength and yield strength.

In this case, these exotic alloys are expanded, they could easily crack or even explode.

By heating the product, a larger difference between the tensile strength and yield strength can be achieved.

For these applications, Fontijne Grotnes designs expanders with heated dies which enable sizing and forming operations on high value alloys.


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