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Pipe End Expander

Sizes the end of large diameter pipes to parallel, spherical and semi-spherical joints.

The joints are applicable for, among others, SSAW pipes, mainly used for conveyance of water and sewage. The Fontijne Grotnes Pipe End Expander guarantees a constant, reproducible process regarding diameter, ovality tolerances and product shape.

Design features:

  • The maximum drawbar pull will be designed based on customers requirement and product specification
  • Position control for regulating the various modes of expansion and to control the stroke of the main cylinder in both directions
  • The expander head is mounted on vertical rails in order to move to the centerlines of pipes in wide ranges of diameters
  • State of the art controls by constant new developments
  • The expander can be extended with pipe handling, such as; conveyor rollers, weld orientor rollers and pipe lifter & rotation station





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