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Button Punch Snap Lock
Button Punch Snap Lock machines will turn out perfectly formed locks. These machines are designed for commercial as well as industrial ductwork. They produce receiver locks and button-punched right-angle flange. The two models are available in a 20 gauge and lighter material, or a 24 gauge and lighter material.

Button Punch Snap Lock Flanger
Roll single direction curves down to a minimum radius of 76mm to 12.7mm or a 127mm outside radius, almost automatically. These punched right angle flanged curves fit perfectly in the receiver formed on the Lockformer 20 gauge or 24 gauge Button Punch Snap Lock.

Button Punch Cheek Bender
This machine provides any shop with a complete work centre for fabricating fittings. One side of the dual purpose bending die bends and punches the cheeks for the Button Punch Snap Lock 90 degree fittings. If you flip the die over, you have a 20 gauge Power Cheek Bender for making right angle flanges for Pittsburgh fittings.


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