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A low cost, easy to use, Multi-Blanking System that will remove coil set, slit to width, and cut to length in a self contained, compact unit.
Higher production is assured with the ability of this machine to make multiple slits to the material before it is cut to length.
Coil set is removed by the standard 4-roll straightener.


Available widths                      1219mm, 1524mm, 1828mm
Minimum material thickness    .38mm
Maximum material thickness    2mm
Shear Strength                        35 kg/mm2
Tensile Strength                       47 kg/mm2
Yield Strength                          55,000 psi (38.5 kg/mm2)
Roll Size                                 107 mm dia.
Line Speed                              25FPM to 150FPM

Part Tolerance:           
Length                                    ± 3/4 mm
Slit Width                                ± .18 mm

Available Options
6- Roll Powered Straightener
Variable Speed Control
HVAC Beading

The EconoSlear systems produce blanks from coil stock including mild steel, pre-painted, embossed, galvanized, tin plate, aluminium, stainless steel and other ferrous or nonferrous metals. The EconoSlear blanking lines are equipped with IPI’s electronic controls for accurate, pre-set blank length and batch quality.
A host of labour saving accessories such as coil handing equipment, single and double decoilers, edge trimming, scrap choppers and a variety of blank stacking systems make the EconoSlear the industry leader in light and medium duty coil processing systems.


Specifications for the EconoSlear
Coil Width: Maximum 1830mm, Minimum 152mm
Material Thickness: Maximum 2.0mm, Minimum 0.4mm
Straightening Section: four roll powered straightener, six roll powered straightener optional
Drive: Two speed electric motor and gearbox


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