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6020 Beader
Beading is consistently replacing cross braking to stiffen ductwork against vibration and bellying. The 6020 Bender combines structural integrity with demanding performance qualities. It forms offset beads on 304mm centres. Adjustable entrance gauge bars allow fittings or sheets to be beaded from 609mm to 1524mm widths.

6016 Beader
With this machine, only one operator is needed to produce SMACNC-approved beads four to five times faster than cross braking. It forms five beads on 304mm centres, adjustable to 3mm depth. Maximum capacity is 16 gauge materials and one operator can easily handle sheets up to 1524mm wide.

Cheek Bender
A two way trunnion keeps the bending bar in position at the starting point to assure perfect bends throughout the entire length. Mounting bolts are included. The maximum is 20 gauge.

Softens and dissolves galvanizing build up on forming rolls and press dies. This product lubricates as it cleans and comes in a 12oz aerosol size.

Easy Edger
This device enables you to turn out perfect flanges on elbows or other curved fittings as fast as you can notch them. There is no gauge to set and it hand clamps to any bench. It has a 20 gauge maximum.

Cold Sealant System
These portable cold sealant units should be factory installed to all Lockformer rollforming machines and is available with one to four gun systems. It is available in both 5 gallon and fixed 55 gallon sizes. Optical eye triggers are included to adjust flow. Snuffer devices are also included to eliminate leakage in the shut-off position. From pump assemblies to nozzles, everything is quality engineered for top performance. The sealant itself is specially formulated to produce perfect, non-toxic, flame retardant sealing beads to ductwork in-shop or on-site. Beads that won’t crust or sink even under temperature conditions.

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