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Simplify Metal Roofing Estimating and Production

AMS Controls is pleased to announce it is collaborating with AppliCad to support seamless integration between AppliCad’s roofing take-off software and AMS Controls’ Eclipse Production Management Software. This collaboration will simplify the process of exporting material cutting list data from AppliCad’s advanced roofing software directly to a roll forming machine. Future plans also include support for flashings production using Eclipse and AMS Controls’ Pathfinder folding machine controllers.
Both AMS Controls and AppliCad strive to create solutions that improve productivity and efficiency, increase accuracy and reduce waste, all of which lead to increased profitability for our customers. With this shared vision, it is a natural step forward to work together to eliminate a “gap” in the roofing market – the transfer of roofing material measurements from the estimator to the manufacturer.
With our integrated solution, AppliCad customers are able to quickly create an accurate roof design, client proposal and material list, and export the final panel cut-list and flashings information to Eclipse for production. Since the data entry steps are completely eliminated from the process, the result is mistake-proof production and greatly streamlined operations. The manufacturer simply imports the file to Eclipse Production Management Software and it is ready to schedule for production on a roll former or folding machine without any extra programming or calculations.
AppliCad has the most advanced software for modeling 3D roof geometry from blueprints, field measurements or aerial images. The 3D model is the basis for checking that the data supplied is correct and then material is applied. The simulation of the application of the material calculates a precise required material list including all accessory items, fasteners and labor to install. The complete labor summary and material “shopping list” is automatically generated in a template created in Microsoft Word or Excel and usually includes a dimensioned picture of the roof. Output can also be a data transfer file for other business management systems such as those created for accounting or insurance claims.
Andy Allman, President of AMS Controls, stated, “We are very excited about this new development as it further consolidates our long-standing relationship with AppliCad. Streamlining the manufacturing process for our customers is very important to us and this is a great way to integrate our controllers with one of the most innovative CAD software teams in the industry.” Managing Director of AppliCad, Mr. Ray Smith added, “We have been using the same process at various manufacturing facilities in Australia for seven or eight years, so this process is not experimental. Once the obligatory site inspection proves the building has been built according to the design, the 3D model in AppliCad generates the precise cutting information for all material on the roof. It is proven, efficient, and effective.”
AMS Controls has provided quality control systems for roll forming for over 35 years. With thousands of successful installations, AMS Controls continues to offer the most powerful controllers for both roll forming and metal folding. Together with their Eclipse production management software, complete integration of the production process is possible. AMS Controls’ customers include some of the largest metal production operations in America, including those that produce metal buildings, metal roofing, custom roll forming, and more.
AppliCad is a specialized CAD application software development company based in Melbourne, Australia. AppliCad has developed CAD applications since 1991 and now exports their specialized software to solar, roofing, and cladding companies to forty-three countries around the world. AppliCad also has offices in the US and the UK.